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Big-Data.AI Summit: Drive AI from Fiction to Business

Big-Data-AI Summit 2020

The Big-Data.AI Summit 2020 (#BAS20) is Europe’s leading conference on the practical applications of smart data in business. As part of the business festival, both events will welcome 10,000 attendees keen ongoing beyond the hype and diving into the depths of the big data and AI revolution. Over the course of two days, our participants and attendees can look forward to a broad and carefully selected a programme that combines 45 hours of best practice presentations and workshops by over 200 leading specialists.

The #BAS20 sessions will focus on three key areas:

BAS Topics - Trends x Industry x Society


Big data and AI are cross-sector enabling technologies that empower several industries: From retail and logistics to health to smart manufacturing. Their disruptive nature shapes businesses. Their socioeconomic impact is felt throughout society. Keeping this in mind, #BAS20 primarily seeks to address four audiences:

  • Executive leaders entrusted with implementing big data and AI strategies tailored to their business needs
  • Experts keen on exploring new possibilities of applying big data and AI in their field of work
  • Policy-makers, professionals and social commentators working on a sustainable ethical framework for big data and AI
  • Scientists – especially from research institutes for applied sciences – seeking a fruitful dialogue with the industry


Summit Organisation and #BAS20 are Bitkom events. Bitkom is the German association of the ICT industry. It represents more than 2,500 companies of the digital economy. Through IT- and communication services alone, our members generate a domestic annual turnover of 190 billion Euros. Our member companies employ over two million people in Germany. They develop a wide-range of software applications, IT-services, and telecommunications. They produce hardware and consumer electronics. They shape the digital media sector. Bitkom champions innovative economic policies, the modernization of the educational system and a future-oriented digital infrastructure. Bitkom’s working groups Artificial Intelligence as well as Big Data and Advance Analytics.


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