Daniel Palacios

Artist description

Daniel Palacios is a Spanish artist based in Berlin, with a background in Fine Arts and three Master degrees related to Art & Technology and Public Art.
Experimental within contemporary art, often taking shape as site-specific data-visualization sculptures, new media immersive installations and critical design projects, my practice consists of works that challenge its audience’s preconceptions and expectations; questioning aspects of perception, memory, time and space in the post-digital age.

How can we transform abstract data into a physical form? Strata are site-specific sculptures modeled by your perception of their surroundings, merging abstract data into a tangible experience. The building of hub.berlin is configurated by using tailor-made logging devices. The sensors collect location-specific information on temperature and light synchronously around the even location of hub.berlin for several days. Afterwards a 3D shape is generated, that visualizes the relations of the space with its environment.
During the exhibition Daniel Palacios will be assembling the new site-specific sculpture made specifically for hub.berlin. With data captured from the building where the show is hosted.