Michael Sebastian Haas

Artist description

Michael Sebastian Haas is a conceptual artist who is applying technologies and multiple techniques to create kinetic installations. By combining painting, robotics, light, architecture and textile he forms the logic and life of his evolving systems.

“My works are “systemic creations“. The currently visible is always the coming alive of rules and relations. The piece of art is never stable or done it is always reacting and evolving. Theses artworks are in an eternally juvenile state of becoming themselves.“

Sensing Colorspace is an interactive installation documenting the acoustic events of its surrounding in lines. Visitors are facing a robotic device. Some find out how to interact and thereby influence the robots route. Over the time of exhibition events and lines overlay steadily and modulate the appearance of the colorspace. After the exhibition the Colorspace will be segmented into fragments. While the exibition there are vouchers available for these fragments.