So Kanno

Artist description

The Japanese artist So Kanno is using technology and focussing on some specific matters of technology such as relation between signal and noise, error and glitch. He is making things he wants to see and observe.
Currently he is working together with Jelle Reith, who's fascination lies in electronics and code in combination with a strong narrative result in installations, objects and machines. These works tell the story of a possible future or a non existing world.

Computers are becoming invisible and possible to embed in most of everyday object without visual awareness. Sometimes it’s even difficult to point differences between an IoT product and a spy system. But it’s not only bringing useful features to you, some of them are fearful. And it will change perception and perspective of things around us. Referring to concept of “Umwelt” by Jakob von Uexküll, the world - as it is - is experienced by a particular organism: "The worlds they perceive, their environments, are all different". Now we can apply this concept to non-biological things too. Welcome to the world of IoT. Dive into an object by becoming the object itself by combinining IoT, AI and Virtual Reality.