Theresa Schubert

Artist description

Theresa Schubert is an artist and researcher in the intersection of art and science –– a slime mold enthusiast and self-thought mycologist based in Berlin. She researches the role of creativity and collaboration from a posthuman perspective. Her work combines audiovisual and hybrid media to conceptual and immersive installations or works on paper whereas she treats nature's phenomena not only as inspiration but as a material and critical process. By means of transdisciplinary methods, such as the reenactment of scientific experiments, biohacking, theoretical analysis and collaborative practices, her works deal with themes of self-organization, interspecies communication and morphology of forms. Her work has been exhibited internationally. Venues include; Ars Electronica, Linz, Art Laboratory Berlin, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, ARGE Kultur Salzburg, Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Electro Fringe Festival Australia, Istanbul Biennial, European Media Art Festival and KIBLA Maribor. Recently, the journals “Antennae”, ""Wired"" and ""Art in Berlin"" have reported on her work. In 2015 she co-published the book “Experiencing the Unconventional. Science in Art”. She is the recipient of the NTAA – New Technological Art Award 2016.

Researchers analyse the human brain to lean how intelligence can be programed. But what can we learn from organic substances and bio intelligence? Slime Mold is a growing organism with a spacial intelligence. In a DIY biolab the intersections between art, biology and technology will be investigated. Visitors can interact - digitally and analogue - with growing organisms from mycomyxetae to fungi.