Digital Arts Lab by Retune

The Digital Arts Lab by Retune is a process exhibition of 10 Berlin artists, whose works center around technology. In addition to finished works the way of creating artwork will be highlighted. That way, the creative process becomes vivid, tangible and accessible.

The Digital Arts Lab is curated by Retune and realised in collaboration with Bitkom e.V. in partnership with Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes. With kind support by CaseKing and Trotec Laser.

Daniel Palacios

Daniel Palacios is a Spanish artist based in Berlin, with a background in Fine Arts and three Master degrees related to Art & Technology and Public Art.

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The Constitute

The Constitute is a design and art studio in Berlin. Since 2012 Christian Zöllner and Sebastian Piatza have been working together on projects at the interface between media art, design, science fiction and research and in recent years they have been able to realize numerous self-initiated and commissioned projects. In addition to the active artistic and artistic practice, The Constitute is engaged in academic teaching and is increasingly active as an actor for digitization in crafts, art and society in rural areas.

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Michael Sebastian Haas

Michael Sebastian Haas is a conceptual artist who is applying technologies and multiple techniques to create kinetic installations. By combining painting, robotics, light, architecture and textile he forms the logic and life of his evolving systems.

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Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan is an artist and a programmer who is interested in generative systems, computer science, and software for creativity and self-expression.

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Theresa Schubert

Theresa Schubert is an artist and researcher in the intersection of art and science –– a slime mold enthusiast and self-thought mycologist based in Berlin. She researches the role of creativity and collaboration from a posthuman perspective. Her work combines audiovisual and hybrid media to conceptual and immersive installations or works on paper whereas she treats nature's phenomena not only as inspiration but as a material and critical process.

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Marco Donnarumma

A unique presence across contemporary performance and media art, Marco Donnarumma distinguishes himself by his use of emerging technology to deliver artworks that are at once intimate and powerful, oneiric and uncompromising, sensual and confrontational.

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Nadja Buttendorf

Nadja Buttendorf (1984) is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Berlin. Buttendorf is specialized in questions of cybernetic enhancements of the human body, alien speculative scenarios and posthuman jewellery. She is a founding member of the Cyborgs e.V. Berlin and is known to have coined the term 'Explants'.

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Sara Lisa Vogl / VRBASE

Creative squirrel, chaos kid & in love with the idea of new worlds. VRBASE is a XR incubator with physical bases in Amsterdam and Berlin, more are in progress. We enable creators of different disciplines to realise innovative and inspiring projects in the quest for pushing the boundaries of current VR experiences and driving the unification of art and technology forward.

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Waltz Binaire

Waltz Binaire is a creative studio, for human motion in digital design.

The poetic collision of human desire and cutting-edge technology illustrate our present age with digital harmony and voltaic friction. Exploring the aesthetics of this encounter, is the journey of Waltz Binaire.

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So Kanno

The Japanese artist So Kanno is using technology and focussing on some specific matters of technology such as relation between signal and noise, error and glitch. He is making things he wants to see and observe.

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