05 April 2018

"A Magic Experience" | Boca Health after the Innovators‘ Pitch

Already a few months have passed since the Innovators‘ Pitch 2017, the competition at hub.berlin for European early stage startups. Organised by Get Started, the startup initiative of Bitkom, nine finalists were chosen to present their digital solutions in three different areas: Digital Health, IoT and Travel & Tourism. Apart from prize money of 5,000 euros each, the winners also received access to our corporate partners and participating investors as well as free Get Started membership in Bitkom.

The startup Boca Health from Milan was the 2017’s winner of the Innovators‘ Pitch category digital health. The founders of Boca Health developed a non-invasive solution to measure and monitor body water, which helps to prevent heart and kidney diseases. In the end, Boca Health convinced not only the jury but also the audience of hub.berlin with their particularly innovative solutions.

Now, almost four month after they’ve won the Innovators‘ Pitch in November 2017, we wanted to see how things were going for them since the competition. So we asked them what they’ve been up to since they participated and won the Innovators‘ Pitch:

How was being part of the Innovators‘ Pitch as one of the finalists – and then even to win?
Participating in the Innovators‘ Pitch was a magic experience. The people, the crowd, the setting were fantastic. It was a great honour to speak as a finalist, the level was really high and being a winner was a blast!

What have you been up to in the last months and what changed since you won?
Since the Innovators‘ Pitch many things have changed, our win actually attracted lots of interest by different players, we had the possibility to win the selections for the B.Braun acceleration program, which we just started! Many other collaboration partners are on the road and couple of potential investment opportunities.

What did you take from participating in the Innovators‘ Pitch?
The main message I took home was that digital solutions are our future, if we want or not, both in healthcare and other sectors and this was very well represented at Bitkom and Innovators‘ Pitch.

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