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Your Network Opportunities


The Value in a Network lies within the Connections

It is not about how many but more about having steady contacts and is about making meaningful connections. In various networking sessions & events throughout both festival days, all visitors will get close with other exciting experts, innovators, & visionaries. 

Explore all networking sessions and stay tuned for sign-ups and registration! 

Our Networking Solutions

Matchmaking App

Driven by AI, the Matchmaking App finds the perfect matches during the festival based on your skills, industries, and position. It organizes your meetings and powers your individual network experience. 

Matchmaking App

Berlin after Dark

You want to meet like-minded people and experience the Berlin Pub-Scene like a local? Then join one of the three Pub Crawls in Berlin’s alternative district! This will take place on 31st March 2020.

Pub Crawls

Startups meet Corporates

Startups meet Corporates is dedicated to the matching between startups and established companies. In this format the participants are invited to get to know each other personally for a short time. We provide five different thematic areas for a better match.

Startups meet Corporates

Club Night

sustainable network is built after hours. In our view, the most magical encounters, conversations, or opportunities take place after the conference itself has ended and Berlin's finest DJ's take over the stage.

Stay tuned for our line up!

Club Night


You want to meet top experts from your industry at in a spontaneous and easy way? Then join one of our scheduled Meetups

More Info & Timetable is coming soon.

Meet Ups

Tech Expedition

Let us explain how the world is becoming more digital. Discover corners at the congress that you would not have found yourself and come with us. Get to know each other instead of wasting time looking for interesting people. 

Guided Walks

Game of your life

Get to know your limits in digital knowledge and put yourself in an adneralin rush by finding solutions with strangers under time pressure. 


Closing Drinks

After two days packed with amazing content and encounters, we cordially invite all speakers, exhibitors, and participants to a last get-together. Relax, grab a drink with us to round off the day, and celebrate a successful!

Closing Drinks