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17 Feb 2019

3 Reasons to Found a Startup


Entrepreneurship is hard and lonely. While 90% of startups fail, still every 18 hours somebody starts a company somewhere in Berlin, pursuing to join the 10% of startups that build a legacy and disrupt the status quo. 
So why are there now more founders than ever brave enough to face the challenges and pressure of running your own company? 

Verena Hubertz even said that founding a company is the best thing she could have done. As Co-Founder of KitchenStories she empowered people around the world to experience their kitchen and food in a completely new and approachable way. Their aspiration for great design, UX and highly curated recipes not only made them one of the most successful apps on iOS, but also put them on the map of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who visited their offices personally.

We sat down with her to find out what excites her most about running KitchenStories and taking on the challenges of managing employees, structures and cultures while staying on top of innovation. 

Take a look at our interview and her top 3 reasons now! 

Reason 1

Build and develop your own team to achieve your vision!

Reason 2

You don’t work for anyone. Define your own goals, structures and culture!

Reason 3

No need for seniority, responsibility from day one!

KitchenStories made a lasting impact on the way we cook, but the company isn’t stopping there. New visions are defining the missions and tasks every day at KitchenStories. What will we see next? Refridgerators connected to KitchenStories? Automatic buying of groceries depending on the recipes you chose?

See Verena live on stage at hub.berlin sharing her visions and experiences made while taking over smartphones around the globe in storm!


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