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06 Sep 2019 First key area at Big-Data.AI Summit 2020

The bigger picture. #BAS20


Last year, experts met on 11 stages to dive into the intellects of big data and artificial intelligence. The lectures have to pass a tough audit. The Council of Experts of the Big-Data.AI Summit will choose only the most talented specialists and their cases to be presented in three key areas:

  • Big Picture
  • Industries
  • Society

All participants get to know new strategies, technologies & innovations to pick up the bigger picture of big-data and AI at the #BAS20.

The “Big Picture” contains the following topics:

  • Conversational AI Intelligent Automation
  • New Big Data and AI Technologies
  • Science Fiction

In this area, executive leaders or specialists can find out how their customers integrate different artificial intelligence services like Siri into their daily businesses. We will not focus on customers but also answer questions about how the industry can use conversational interfaces or virtual assistants to improve customer interaction. Associated with the question “How do intelligent workflows facilitate automating routine business processes?”, experts present on how to automate workflows and many more subjects linked to conversational AI. Professionals focus on the shift of business processes and how businesses can enjoy intelligent automation.

At the #BAS20, we will discuss what challenges companies will face when they implement an AI and Big Data strategy. Our speakers show practical use cases to face challenges like the question of how businesses can enlist external companies in the development or which areas in the company are best suited for decision-making automation. We try to give participants insights on the latest developments underlying the next wave technologies: machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, image and object recognition, and distributed AI.

In the bigger picture, the boundaries between the individual areas will become blurred. We will take a look into the future through science fiction, where the authors push the boundaries of today’s science in innovative ways. It is a remarkable chance to include psychology and debate with the experts why science fiction scenarios are often negative.

The question everybody wishes to get resolved: What do we have to expect from the future of Big-Data and Artificial Intelligence?

Find out yourself and join the circle of experts and take your unique insights during the #BAS20 on the 1st & 2nd April 2020. Join here.