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09 Oct 2018 Virtual Reality

Most Asked Question About: Virtual Reality | Sebastian Winkler, CEO of shoutr labs


What did you always wanted to know about the trending topics of digitisation? Our new series “Most Asked Questions About:” is tackling these burning questions that you always wanted to ask about Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fintech, and the many other trending topics of digitisation.

We take the most asked questions from our community about, sit down with an expert from that sector and get the answers you need!

Let’s kick off our series with Sebastiank Winkler. Sebastian is Managing Director and Co-Founder of shoutr labs, one of the most innovative augmented reality agencies in Europe, won multiple innovation awards and is an outstanding expert in Virtual- and Augmented Reality.

In our first episode of “Most Asked Question About:” we are taking a look at Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality has been a topic in media for decades, always on the brink of mainstream but never fully catching on. This had various reasons, from inefficient technology or too high cost, to lacking uses cases and bad UX.

But in the last few years, Virtual Reality seems to gain importance through available technology for relatively low cost and set up efforts. Great use cases are increasing especially in gaming and media, as well as few niche sectors in media (more about that in the interview).

Is this new wave of VR here to stay? Find out what Sebastian Winkler has to say about your questions:

1. Is Virtual Reality really the future of video?

2. Where will VR have the biggest impact?

3. How big is the VR market going to get?

4. Which industry will be the most important for VR?

5. What is essential for good VR content?


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