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04 Apr 2019

Play with the Tech of the Future!

Play with the Tech of the Future!

We can't wait to let over 5,000 tech enthusiasts dive into the future in the interactive exhibition of & Big-Data.AI Summit! Exhibits of exciting partners like KPMG, ItalDesign & Audi, Fraunhofer, and many more proof a relentless drive to innovate and shape the way we live in the future. 

Take a look at some of our highlights! 


Make your Business future-proof

You want to develop an action plan for your company's digital transformation? Then sign up for a free & exclusive workshop at Fujitsu's Digital Transformation Center (DTC) during 2019!

For one hour, up to eight of your employees meet up with Fujitsu's digitisation experts to 

- introduce one of your own challenges
- discuss it from various prospectives
- create a rapid prototype
- define a pathway with clear steps to achieving your objectives




Sound of Data by KPMG

Want to know how data might sound? KPMG makes it possible to experience the sound of data at the multimedia music table. Under professional guidance and the help of digital sound cubes, visitors create their own unmistakable soundtrack. 




Labyrinth by IBM

Dive into the nostalgic love of retro games in a one-of-a-kind maze! IBM showcases a digital experience in the style of sleek 8-bit games for 2 or 4 players.   



Pop.Up Next by ItalDesign & Audi

It's a drone, it's a car, it's Pop.Up Next. A vision of future transportation and solutions for problems linked to city planning and traffic in large urban centres that increasingly become one of the priority aspects to protect our planet. 




Digital Auralization by Fraunhofer

Product designers can see their work before it physically exists. But will it make a pleasant hum or squeak like a dentist's drill? The auralization of digital product models make a product audible, even before making the first prototype.



Transparent AI by Smart Data Forum

See a Neural Networking "think". Researchers at Fraunhofer HHI and TU Berlin developed a software that enables them to look into neural networks. The demo highlights pixels that were most influential on decision-making.