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10 Sep 2019 Second Key Area at Big-Data.AI Summit 2020

The role of big industries. #BAS20


We expect 10,000 participants during the next Big-Data.AI Summit 2020.

One of the three big key areas is Industries, where companies and experts present case studies and best practice examples in seven different fields. To do so, the Council of Experts chooses the applications of leading industries in big data and AI. Last week, we introduced our first key area, which you can find here

During the best practice presentations and workshops by over 200 leading specialists, the key area “Industries“ takes a prominent position with his seven parts:

  • Digital Health, Medical Research, Diagnostics and Therapy
  • Data-Driven Financial Services
  • Industrial Internet (Industry 4.0)
  • Information Security
  • Intelligent Mobility
  • Retail and Logistics
  • Utility 4.0 and Smart Energy

One of the interesting fields and significant challenges as part of big data and AI is the prevention and detection of health problems. Questions like: “How will smart hospitals, AI-driven administrative processes and AI-based therapies change our healthcare experience?” will be answered during the Summit.

In the same time, experts talk about risk management, fraud detection and prevention, credit scoring, and automatic monitoring of an insured risk in data-driven financial services. Connected with it, they present what roles AI and big data play in future identification and authorization processes like e.g., facial recognition, voice recognition, and biometric identification. 
According to current debates, the Summit craves to explain why hackers and cybercriminals are increasingly relying on machine learning if AI-powered phishing mail generators or defeating Captchas with machine vision are considered

In the field of Industry 4.0 professionals discuss the possibilities of real-time analysis, cross-vendor data analysis, and cross-platform analysis. Many applications are more than more Science Fiction visions. The aim is to show how an AI-driven, autonomous car should decide in dilemma situations and what guidelines exist so far. Specifically, Germany wants to debate synergies between connected cars and smart cities. 

Last but not least, the participants are keen to understand how to optimize the management of critical infrastructures with the help of Artificial Intelligence. On our stages, we discuss how smart data can empower service platforms for the energy system of the future. Here, the industry gathers together to exchange use cases and learn from each other. 

Everybody with a future product is interested in big data and AI should visit one talk. Last Big-Data.AI Summit, Fujitsu presented the learnings of the factory in Augsburg or the companies Degussa Bank and fileee spoke about how mobile assistants and AI transform traditional administration. Next year we won’t compromise on quality. 

Find out yourself and join the circle of experts and take your unique insights during the #BAS20 on the 1st & 2nd April 2020.