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14 Aug 2018

Startups: No Economic Success Without AI and Big Data

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Startups agree: Without artificial intelligence and data analysis, the economic success of German companies is in jeopardy. In each case, 96 percent of German startups state that both Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will be of great importance for the competitiveness of German companies. This is the result of a survey commissioned by the Bitkom digital association among more than 300 German startups. "Such a clear result is rare, there seems to be no second opinion among startups: "Without the use of artificial intelligence we will have no economic success in the future. Politicians, but also established companies are well advised to take this assessment to heart", says Bitkom President Achim Berg. "We very much welcome the fact that the German government wants to focus its technology and economic policy on artificial intelligence. Now it is important to move quickly, to develop programmes quickly and to put them into practice immediately by politicians".

The founders' assessment is also reflected in practice. For example, 3 out of 5 (60 percent) say they use big data and data analysis in their startup, 2 out of 5 (43 percent) use artificial intelligence. And these figures are likely to rise further, because one in three startups (33 percent) plans or discusses a future use of AI, one in four (25 percent) the use of Big Data. For comparison: In the overall economy of companies with 20 or more employees, only around one in four (28 percent) use data analyses and even only 3 percent AI. The corresponding planning is also more cautious than for startups. Although 29 percent want to analyse data in the future, only 8 percent want to use AI. Berg: "Using revolutionary technologies such as AI is not easy for many established companies. Structures that have grown over years and decades often stand in the way of this. An answer can be: Cooperation with startups. They bring innovative technologies and new ideas - and can help breathe new life into companies".