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19 Oct 2019

The Top 9 Threats Online #hubberlin


Stolen, cheated or insulted: the vast majority of Internet users feel threatened by cybercrime. According to a recent study by the digital association Bitkom, these nine incidents are feared the most among internet users.

1. malicious programs

Malicious programs on the computer or smartphone such as viruses or Trojans - for eight out of ten Internet users (79 percent) this scenario is a threat.

2. data misuse

Data protection is not observed, personal data is passed on without permission and, for example, misused for advertising: Seven out of ten online users (70 percent) feel threatened by this.

3. password and account theft

Cyber criminals can exploit weak passwords and take over foreign online accounts. For more than one in two Internet users (54 percent) this idea is threatening.

4. data espionage

If the state reads along: Secret services access encrypted or personal communications - 45 percent of online users are concerned about this.

5. online banking fraud

External access to one's own finances: Three out of ten (30 percent) see online banking fraud as a threat.

6. online shopping fraud

The goods have been ordered or auctioned, the money has been transferred, but the delivery never arrives: This is also what 30 percent of Internet users are afraid of.

7. insults and mobbing

Discussions in social networks or online forums sometimes lack a good tone. Not infrequently, online users are also confronted with insults or even targeted bullying. More than one in six (17 percent) feels this is threatening.

8. sexual harassment

Targeted addressing of people in order to initiate sexual contact - so-called cyber-grooming is only one form of sexual harassment on the Internet. 17 percent of online users feel threatened.

 9. hate speech

Hate messages and incitement of the people are also a problem on the Internet. Every ninth online user (11 percent) sees this as a threat in itself.