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10 Oct 2018 AI

What is the Big-Data.AI Summit?

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hub.berlin has always been about inspiring talent in digitisation, about creating these crucial connections to drive projects forward, and about giving an outstandingly curious community a chance to take a glimpse at the future of technology.

2019 many things change for hub.berlin. The event is getting bigger, both in space and in time, more international, and for the first time ever, hub.berlin connects with a unique event to enable a deep dive into big data and AI.

 The Big-Data.AI Summit 2019 is joining us for a special partnership. All participants of hub.berlin will be free to explore the #BAS19, their full conference program, workshops, and exhibition areas. All included in your hub.berlin festival pass.

About Big-Data.AI Summit 2019 (#BAS19)

The Big-Data.AI Summit 2019(#BAS19) is Europe’s leading summit for artificial intelligence and big data. #BAS19 is shaping up to become a gathering venue for 5,000 like-minded experts and practitioners keen on going beyond the hype and diving into the depths of the big data and AI revolution. Over the course of two days, the summit will feature over 100 presentations, workshops and keynotes. Sessions will focus on three key areas:

  • Cross-industry big data and AI strategies, technologies and trends that are advancing the digital transformation of companies.
  • Concrete applications of big data and AI in leading industries, like health, finance and information security.
  • Ethical and political questions currently dominating the societal debate on big data and AI.

The Audience of #BAS19

Big data and AI are cross-sector, enabling technologies that empower a number of industries: from retail and logistics to health to smart manufacturing. Their disruptive nature shapes businesses. Their socio-economic impact is felt throughout society. Keeping this in mind, #BAS19 primarily seeks to address four audiences:

  • C-level business leaders interested in implementing big data and AI strategies tailored to their business needs
  • Experts keen on exploring new possibilities of applying big data and AI in their field of work
  • Policy-makers, business leaders and social commentators interested in defining a sustainable and workable ethical framework for big data and AI
  • Scientists – especially from research institutes for applied sciences – seeking fruitful dialogues with practitioners

Explore the topics of #BAS19, the call for speakers and an overview of their past speakers at big-data.ai