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The FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center

Fujitsu DTC

The Co-Creation Programme 

At you have the chance to enter the Digital Transformation Center (DTC) of FUJITSU. The DTC is a co-creating workspace that empowers you to develop an action plan for the digital transformation.

FUJITSU brings together technologies and engineers with extensive knowledge of solutions, devices, and networks as well as designers, consultants and other experts to help you embrace the future of your business by using unique methods and cutting-edge technologies. 

Registration is required! 

What you need to know?

What is the Value?

The workshops are practical means for supporting your own digital transformation. We bring together business and technology experts to address personal business challenges. In the end, participants will have an outline concept for immediate action. 


What do you need to prepare?

Be prepared to have an overview of your business strategy, a clear articulation of your business challenge, and finally KPIs to measure the success of your digital transformation.


Who should attend?

The workshops are perfect for you if you're building new services or improve the customer experience, have a leading role in managing processes, are responsible for marketing or HR, manage operational teams or lead IT-enabled projects.