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11 Apr 2019 | 15:00 - 15:20 | Big-Data.AI Summit

AI - Ethical or Legal?

Hari Seldon Stage
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The usefulness of AI makes it open for people to use it for malicious or self-serving purposes. Stakes are getting higher, and companies, especially those with access to vast pools of data, and ones that develop and deploy AI products and services, should demand more responsible work ethic from engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives. They must also establish more assertive boards and committees to make ethical AI their top strategic priority. For a technology designed to mimic human-like intelligence, understanding the darker side of AI is equally important, and probably requires defining the dos and don’ts at a policy level. We must take a democratic approach to the future of technology-led disruptions. The session will address real-life use cases of understanding parameters of bias, having a well-defined method for realisation of AI interventions, & algorithmically detecting the bias to make it self-correcting.

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