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10 Apr 2019 | 14:30 - 14:50 | Big-Data.AI Summit

AI is Not Magic: It’s Time to Demystify and Apply

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Today, too many people view artificial intelligence (AI) as another magical technology that’s being put to work with little understanding of how it works. They view AI as special and relegated to experts who have mastered and dazzled us with it. In this environment, AI has taken on an air of mysticism with promises of grandeur, and out of the reach of mere mortals. The truth, of course, is there is no magic to AI. 
In his presentation Frank Theisen will show you what is possible today. Using real business examples he will demonstrate that AI is becoming ubiquitous and increasingly accessible, enhancing and altering the way business is conducted, and how it is enabling predictions with supreme accuracy and automating business processes and decision-making. Frank will be joined by young enthusiastic graduates who developed a new business idea with AI in a short timeframe – without any magic! Let yourself be surprised.

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