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11 Apr 2019 | 16:00 - 16:20 | Big-Data.AI Summit

Big Data and AI: Doing Data in an Ethical Way

Hari Seldon Stage
Stage BAS

Beyond "disruptive" ambitions of Fintechs, Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies there is a much more game-changing revolution in the backbone of digitization, related to Big-Data, Machine Learning and AI. This revolution comes up with very quiet and almost unnoticed upheaval of processes in business by converting ledger structures, information flows or documentation processes. And this Big Data revolution has made the recent AI advances possible. In two cases we demonstrate these transformations: The advanced use of "Big Data Analytics" and the establishment of standardized "Data Lakes". We will discuss the ethical area bridging the gap between law, general principles and innovative abandon. And we will show methods, frameworks and communication to set a new ethical awareness amongst data-science teams.

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