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11 Apr 2019 | 13:00 - 13:20 | Big-Data.AI Summit

Can AI Prevent Crimes? A Live Show.

John McCarthy Stage

Malicious (human) behavior has become digital: Credit card fraud, identity theft and system intrusion - just to name a few - belong to a new class of human caused malicious acts that occur at a scale and frequency never experienced before. Detecting these acts has become a crucial activity for any digitized business – but humans are no longer able to keep up. The industry has reacted to the increased demand for decision making and is extending their BI products with AI capabilities – often marketed as all-purpose AI solutions. Based on our experiences with projects in the financial industry we have built a live showcase for you related to identifying risky behavior in IT ticket data. The showcase focusses on building a prescriptive model to act against malicious activities in the city of Chicago. You will get to know our heuristics for tool-selections and how you can transition from aggregated visuals to your own sophisticated machine learning approach.

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