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10 Apr 2019 | 12:50 - 13:10 | Big-Data.AI Summit

Capacity Utilization Forecast in Supply Chain Optimization

Hari Seldon Stage
Stage BAS

REWE Group is one of the largest retail companies in Germany. REWE Digital GmbH has been responsible for the development of the food online business of the REWE Group for several years and has been successful in doing so. REWE is currently the largest online food supplier in Germany. Decisive for the success of the business model is the satisfaction of the customer with the online offer. In addition to many other quality features, high availability of the products and flexible selection of delivery windows are particularly important for the customer. REWE uses data-driven solutions to maximize availability while optimizing supply chain efficiency. In this talk, we present the Capacity Utilization Forecast, which predicts the anticipated utilization of outbound deliveries dynamically and in near real time. We furthermore give insights in developing data science use-cases in an agile development process.

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