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10 Apr 2019 | 13:30 - 13:50 | Big-Data.AI Summit

Don't Stop at Equality & Influencing! - Can AI being Even Better than Humans & Controlling our Life?

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The capabilities of AI driven systems are usually compared to human capabilities, whether it is in the context of autonomous driving, conversation (just look at the Touring test) or other applications. But should we stop there, just aiming to make AI as good as humans? Why not try to be build a super-human AI?

In his book "Machine Man", Max Barry describes an engineer, who after losing his leg in an accident, notices that the body can be improved. Step by step, he tries to replace parts of his own body with smart prothesis, to build an improved version of himself. While most AI applications today are quite narrow and reaching human level at complex tasks seems to be far away, AI is continuing to develop at a fast speed. One interesting research initiative is Project Debater, which is all about the question “Can artificial intelligence expand a human mind?” ( We will have a look at the journey from narrow conversational solutions to a system that can debate with (?) humans on complex topics, including insights on how this can be realized and the current state.

AI is already part of our daily life rather than something futuristic. It influences our buying decisions, job applications, credit ratings, our music play lists, and even finding a partner. But what if it doesn’t stop at influencing, and instead controls our life? In his book “Lexicon”, Max Barry describes a world, where all people can be clustered into certain types, and where a secret organization has a key sentence for each type that makes that person do whatever the organization wants. In short: total control, based on AI. Keeping in mind the growing importance for each of us, and besides that this idea may always be total fiction, it raises the question how to ensure AI systems are fair and trusted. In order to foster the adoption of AI, trust is an imperative and will most likely be part of any future AI solution. We will have a look at current research projects in the context of trusted AI ( Topics in this context are fairness, bias handling, explainability and transparency. We will have a look at concepts and also practical solutions already existing today.

As science fiction often has transitioned from fiction to reality, we will have a look at the limits of AI and where we are today on this journey in the context of research projects and new solutions resulting from those research projects.

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