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10 Apr 2019 | 16:30 - 16:50 | Big-Data.AI Summit

IKA – Intelligent Knowledge Assistant to Support the Process Industry

Joan Clarke Stage
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Digitalization promises to improve plant operation in the petrochemical industry by increasing the insights into production processes and increasing the automation degree. A growing sensor-base, combined with analytics and decision-support tools should increase safety and efficiency of the plant operation. The talent shortage in the chemical industry is a limiting factor in tapping the potential of digitalization. In the worst case a shrinking workforce struggles with a growing number of overwhelmingly complex IT tools. A possible way forward, is to offer new types of interfaces that mitigate simplify data access and interpretation and prepare for a shrinking workforce, which cannot access the knowledge of retired experts. We introduce the Intelligent Knowledge Assistant (IKA), an industrial virtual assistant acting as an intelligent companion making operations easy even for the less skilled worker. IKA simplifies information access and interpretation to support expertise and skill development of the workforce.

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