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Alexander Thamm

Alexander Thamm CEO
Alexander Thamm

Alexander Thamm is CEO of Germany’s first Data Science Consultancy and inventor of the Data Compass.

As a leader in Data Science, Big Data & AI, Alexander Thamm and his team have been awarded #1 for Machine Learning (Crisp Research) and Leader for Big Data (Experton / ISG) in 2017. With more than 400 successful projects in 5 years Alexander Thamm and his team are driving value creation through data in Europe – with passion. The AT Data Academy, in which the Data Scientists and Data Engineers are trained, also serves this purpose. Globally operating companies like BMW, Vodafone, Allianz, Innogy and Daimler are happy customers. Alexander Thamm started his Data Career more than a decade ago at BMW where he delivered Analytics Solutions throughout the whole Automotive value chain.