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Christopher Kränzler

Lengoo CEO
Christopher Kränzler

Born and raised in scenic Bavaria, Christopher graduated from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University New York in Data Science. 

He has always been an advocate of data-driven decision-making processes and is an avid speaker on AI, digitalization, and localization. Christopher is fluent in German, English, Bavarian and is currently seizing every opportunity to improve his Spanish and Portuguese skills with his team in Berlin. Powered by his vision that multilingualism must no longer be a burden on organizations, a thorough understanding of, and an appreciation for data science in combination with a passion for languages, he founded the AI powered translation platform lengoo in 2014.
Being the founder and CEO of lengoo, he is on a mission to usher the global localization industry into the age of digitalization and to direct the future of translation by combining cutting-edge Neural Machine Translation Network technology with the qualifications of expert linguists.