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Dr Carol Wildhagen

Ariana Digital Health CEO & Co-Founder
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Interaction Over Transaction - The Power of Digital Relationships | Dr Carol Wildhagen |

As a medical doctor, CEO and co-founder of Ariana Digital Health Solutions GmbH, Dr. Carol Wildhagen is passionate about the positive impact of digitization on healthcare.

With Ariana, a chatbot based on AI and behavioral psychology, Dr. Wildhagen works on the mission to give each and every patient the personal support and insights they need to lead their best life.

After two years of training as a surgeon and obtaining a Phd she joined the Boston Consulting Group, focusing on healthcare for 8 years. She also spent a year on the World Economic Forum’s health team prior to co-founding Ariana in 2017.

Dr. Wildhagen is as well a proud parent of her 5 year old daughter.