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Gerhard Schaller

ZF Senior Manager Factory Digitalization
Gerhard Schaller

Gerhard Schaller studies electrical engineering at the university of applied sciences Wiesbaden.

In 1994 he starts his career at the university as the head of the mechanical engineering department. From 1995 - 2003 Mr. Schaller worked for Ford in Cologne in product development as team leader for actuator development and the software development for actuator closed loop controls. He changed responsibility to integration of automated manual transmission in a car line with the focus of car network integration. In 2003 he changed to ZF Getriebe GmbH Saarbrücken, being the head of the IT department “factory automation”. Since 2011 within the IT of ZF GROUP, he led the Function Center Automation with worldwide responsibility. In 2015 the responsibility was expanded with the MES content. In September 2017 he changed to the business side to support the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies and factory digitalization for the Business Unit Car Powertrain Technology “Automatic Transmissions.