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Jana Tepe

Tandemploy CEO

The end of the 40-hours-work-week! | Anna Kaiser & Jana Tepe 

Jana Tepe (29) is one of the job sharing founders and CEOS of Tandemploy, the job sharing platform.

The idea for Tandemploy came up in her former job in an HR consultancy, where here current co-founder Anna Kaiser was already her colleague. Both were so enthusiastic about the concept of job sharing - and so convinced of it's potential for our society - that they started to found Tandemploy 8 weeks later.

Today, they support people and companies with the easy realization of flexible working and job sharing - instead of just talking about the "future of work" again and again. How life-friendly and real flexible work can look like, Jana and Anna try to show in their own team: Over 50% of their team members work in the job sharing model themselves. They think in "tasks", not in "40-hours-jobs".

For the idea of Tandemploy, Jana and her co-founder Anna won several prizes and a 1-year grant from the German government. They have become experts on the job-sharing working model in particular but also for a new way of working in general – and have received attention and requests from dozens of countries all over the world.

Her credo: „Imagine a world where people achieve more with less – but more clever! - work!“

Links: www.tandemploy.com, www.zweiteilen.de