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Marlen Klaws

4ED1 Founder & Filmmaker
Marlen Klaws

Marlen Klaws is a political scientist and the co-founder of 4ED1 - Forever Day One, a company that explores the future of work.

Since 2017 the team grew quickly to over 20 creators who are now working across three divisions: They are helping large organizations on their way to their own future of work; they are investing in their own ventures to reinvent the education system; they are exploring the future of work through global research.

Over the last year, Marlen and her colleague Finn Köhler, interviewed over 60 scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and philosophers around the world. Their question: What will the future of work look like? They uncovered countless inspiring stories and projects. Currently, they are showcasing the solutions as a documentary web series. 

Marlen studied Political Science in Freiburg and Amsterdam, International Relations in Berlin, and Design Thinking at the