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Ruchir Puri

IBM Watson CTO

Ruchir Puri is CTO and Chief Architect, IBM Watson, and an IBM Fellow, who has held various technical, research, and engineering leadership roles across IBM's AI and Research businesses.

Dr. Puri is a Fellow of the IEEE, and has been an ACM Distinguished Speaker, an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, and was awarded 2014 Asian American Engineer of the Year. Ruchir has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University, NY, and a visiting scientist at Stanford University, CA. He was honored with John Von-Neumann Chair at Institute of Discrete Mathematics at Bonn University, Germany. Dr. Puri is an inventor of over 50 United States patents and has authored over 100 scientific publications on software, hardware automation methods, and optimization algorithms.

11 Apr 2019 | 11:20 - 11:40
Big-Data.AI Summit

Ruchir Puri, CTO, IBM Watson