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Terence Hielscher

MoBerries Co-Founder and Managing Director
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Terence Hielscher

Terence has been responsible for portfolio management (share evaluation, bank transfers, tax audits, database management) and supporting the recruitment efforts of Venture Capital firms in Germany and South East Asia for 8 years.

He has significant reach within the tech community in Germany & SEA, and direct access to some of the top MBA universities worldwide, as well as access to an extensive international network of headhunters, investors and corporates. Terence accompanied over 50 startups from early stage to E-Investment rounds, exits and IPOs. For several projects he took interim-CEO positions and supported the responsible investors in finding the right team for the respective industry. Terence co-founded MoBerries in early 2015 to disrupt the recruitment industry. MoBerries is Germany's largest shared talent pool. Their technology stack is based on a neuronal network using HR Managers‘ and candidates‘ interview feedback in order to optimize automated quality filtering and first round interviews. MoBerries also runs the worlds largest job search messenger bot jobbot.me