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hub22 | Speaker: Anna Alex
Anna Alex

CEO, Planetly

Portrait of Anne Bedoy
Anne Bedoy

Head of Corporate Brand & Engagement, L'Oréal 2022 | Speaker: Achim Berg
Achim Berg

President, Bitkom

Portrait of Dr. Patrick Bergmann
Dr. Patrick Bergmann

Managing Director, Madaster Germany GmbH

Portrait of Thibauld Berly
Thibauld Berly

Consumer Engagement Director, L'Oréal

Portrait of Ulrike Böttcher
Ulrike Böttcher

CEO & Co-Founder, valupa

Portrait of Artjom Brikmann
Artjom Brikmann

Head of Customerservice and Product, NOVENTI Health SE

Portrait of Dr Levin Brunner
Dr Levin Brunner

IT Solution Architect , TopicZoom

hub22 | Speaker: Rolf Buch
Rolf Buch

CEO, Vonovia

Portrait of speaker Scott Chacon
Scott Chacon

CEO & Co-Founder, Chatterbug

Image of David Chaum who is a speaker at
Dr David Chaum

CEO, xx network

Image of Gordon Cheng who is a speaker at hub berlin
Prof Gordon Cheng

Chairman for Cognitive Systems, TU Munich

Portrait of Dr Wing-Hin Chung
Dr Wing-Hin Chung

Head, Investment Promotion, InvestHK

Portrait of Hans de Visser
Hans de Visser

VP Product Management, Mendix

Portrait of Monika Dernai
Monika Dernai

Corporate Strategy, Lead Social Sustainability, Mobility, BMW AG

Portrait of Florian Dyballa
Florian Dyballa

CEO, Aivy

Portrait of Dr Stefan Dziwok
Dr Stefan Dziwok

Senior Researcher, Fraunhofer IEM

Portrait of Christin Eisenschmid
Christin Eisenschmid

Vice President & Managing Director, Intel Germany GmbH

Portrait of Ramez Farag
Ramez Farag

Communications Director, Beauty Tech, L'Oréal

Harald Fladischer
Harald Fladischer

Commercial Director, neXenio GmbH

Portrait of Dr Stéphane Foulard
Stéphane Foulard


Portrait of Katharina Frie
Katharina Frie

Senior Investment Managerin, eCAPITAL

Portrait of Dr Tamaz Georgadze
Dr Tamaz Georgadze

CEO & Co-Founder, Raisin DS

Portrait of Dr. Azadeh Ghahghaie
Dr. Azadeh Ghahghaie

Director SAP.iO Foundry Berlin, SAP

Portrait of Dr Robert Görke
Dr Robert Görke

Head of Pharma & Healthcare, d-fine

Portrait of Christine Grimm
Christine Grimm

Board Member Ressort Transformation, German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG)

Portrait of Dr Mario Günter
Dr Mario Günter

CEO, German-Speaking SAP Usergroup (DSAG)

Portrait of Dr Nicholas Heck-Grossek
Dr Nicholas Heck-Grossek

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Portrait of Martina Hecker
Martina Hecker

Ressort Managerin Transformation DSAG, German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG)

Portrait of Benjamin Hein
Benjamin Hein

Head of Business Development Circular Economy, DIN - German Institute for Standardization

Portrait of Louis Heinz
Louis Heinz

Senior Investment Manager, HTGF

Portrait of Hanna Hennig
Hanna Hennig

Chief Information Officer, Siemens

Portrait of Lennart Heuckendorf
Lennart Heuckendorf

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Portrait of Rob High
Rob High

Vice President & CTO, IBM Edge Computing, IBM

Portrait of Harald Joos
Harald Joos

Abteilungsleiter/IT-Beauftragter der Bundesfinanzverwaltung , Bundesministerium der Finanzen

Katharina Jünger
Katharina Jünger

Founder & CEO, TeleClinic

Portrait of Franziska Kerle
Franziska Kerle

Program- and Project Manager (DSAG-Academy), German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG)

Portrait of Sebastian Klauke
Sebastian Klauke

Member of the Executive Board, Otto Group

Portrait of Matthias Koch
Matthias Koch

Senior Requirements Engineer, Fraunhofer IESE

Portrait of Daniel Kolley
Daniel Kolley

Sales Director DACH, Redwood Systems B.V.

hub22 | Speaker: Katharina Kreitz
Katharina Kreitz

CEO, Vectoflow

Portrait of Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen
Ulla Kruhse-Lehtonen

Co-Founder, DAIN Studios

Portrait of Sebastian Kux
Sebastian Kux

Head of e-Commerce Experience PPD, L'Oréal

Portrait of Dr. Jan-Rainer Lahmann
Dr. Jan-Rainer Lahmann

Distinguished Engineer, Quantum in DACH, IBM

hub22| Speaker: Dr Enise Lauterbach
Dr med Enise Lauterbach

Founder & CEO, LEMOA medical

Portrait of Christian Lindener
Christian Lindener

Co-Founder, Reflex Aerospace

Portrait of Angelina Mahl
Angelina Mahl

Program- and Project Manager (DSAG-Academy), German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG)

Portrait of Leo Marose
Leo Marose

CEO, StackFuel

Portrait of Cihan Koray Mavruk
Cihan Koray Mavruk

Head of Client Experience & Insights , Vontobel

Portrait of Chloé Mayenobe
Chloé Mayenobe

Solarisbank, Chief Growth Officer

Portrait of Markus Mechnich
Markus Mechnich

Team Lead Sales Engineers, InterSystems GmbH

Portrait of Stephan Mohr
Stephan Mohr

Sales Engineer, InterSystems GmbH

Portrait of Jürgen Müller
Jürgen Müller

CTO, SAP SE 2022 | Speaker: Christian Piechnik
Christian Piechnick

Co-Founder & CEO, Wandelbots

Picture of speaker Erik Podzuweit
Erik Podzuweit

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Scalable Capital

Portrait of Simon Preuß
Simon Preuß

Social Acceleration Manager, L'Oréal

Portrait of Christina Raab
Christina Raab

Market Unit Lead, Accenture Austria, Switzerland, and Germany 2022 | Speaker: Raycho Raychev
Raycho Raychev

Founder & CEO, EnduroSat

Portrait of Dave Rhodes
Dave Rhodes

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Unity

Portrait of Dr Juergen Rink
Dr Juergen Rink

Editor in Chief c't magazin, Heise Medien

Portrait of Sophia Rödiger
Sophia Rödiger

Founder & CEO, bloXmove

Image of hub berlin speaker Lori Rodriguez
Lori Rodriguez

CDO, Women in Tech

Portrait of Marco Sarich who is a speaker at
Dr Marco Sarich

CEO, keylight

Portrait of Holger Schellkopf
Holger Schellkopf

Editor in Chief, t3n

Portrait of Christian Schiller
Christian Schiller

Co-Founder & CEO, cirplus GmbH

Portrait of Alexander Schlomberg - van Doren
Alexander Schlomberg - van Doren

Founder & Managing Director, Expertlead

Portrait of Sally Schulze
Sally Schulze

Psychotherapist and CEO, MentalStark

Portrait of Florian Seibel
Florian Seibel

Co-Founder & CEO, Quantum-Systems GmbH

Portrait of Howard Steen
Howard Steen

Manager, Account Security Sales EMEA & APJ, Twilio

Portrait of Norbert Steiner
Norbert Steiner

Solution Manager, Computacenter

Portrait of Maximilian Tayenthal
Maximilian Tayenthal

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, N26 2022 | Speaker: Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg
Prof Dr Anabel Ternès

Managing Director & Director Future Strategies , Institute for Sustainability Management & SRH Group

Portrait of Dr Ian Tidswell
Dr Ian Tidswell

Founder & CEO, Ideal Price

Portrait of Andrea Trapp
Andrea Trapp

Vice President of Business International, Dropbox

Portrait of Dr Marcus Trapp
Dr Marcus Trapp

Department Head Digital Innovation Design, Fraunhofer IESE

hub22 | Speaker: Kristina Walcker-Mayer
Kristina Walcker-Mayer

CEO, nuri

Portrait of Jörg Walden
Jörg Walden

Founder and Advisory Board member, iPoint-systems GmbH

Portrait of Prof Dr Isabell M. Welpe
Prof Dr Isabell M. Welpe

Chair for Strategy and Organization, Academic Director of CDTM, TU Munich

Portrait of Dr. Amelie Wiedemann
Dr. Amelie Wiedemann

Co-Founder & CSO, DearEmployee

Portrait of Christian Wrage
Christian Wrage

CEO, Sopra Steria SE

hub22 | Speaker: Larissa Zeichhardt
Larissa Zeichhardt


Portrait of Moritz Zimmermann
Moritz Zimmermann

General Partner, 42CAP

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