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The Speakers 2020

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300+ leading minds of tech & the digital world share their visions with you!

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Achim Berg

President, Bitkom | Speaker - Franka Birke
Franka Birke

CEO & Co-Founder, METR

Dr. Leonhard Birnbaum
Dr Leonard Birnbaum

Chairman of the Board of Management, Innogy / Eon

Dietmar von Bluecher
Dietmar von Bluecher

CFO, comdirect

BAS20 | Speaker - Klaas Bollhoefer
Klaas Bollhoefer

Founder & Chief Strategist , Birds on Mars

BAS20 Speaker | Dr Matthias Brunner
Dr Matthias Brunner

Managing Partner, tsenso

Dr Joanna Bryson BAS20
Dr Joanna Bryson

Associate Professor, University of Bath

Rolf Buch
Rolf Buch

CEO of the Management Board, Vonovia

BAS20 Speaker |Dennis Cole
Dennis Cole

Versorgungsmanagement – Entwicklung, Techniker Krankenkasse

BAS20 Speaker | Stephanie Creff
Stephanie Creff

CEO and Co-Founder , Ellpha

Dr Alexander Fink
Dr Alexander Fink

CEO, ScMI Scenario Management International

Dr Antje Fitzner
Dr Antje Fitzner

Head of Data Science, Eucon Digital | Speaker - Lothar Gebhard
Lothar Gebhard

CEO, SALT Software

Robert Grieg-Gran
Robert Grieg-Gran

Chief Operating Officer, Mindful Chef

Thomas Hahn BAS20
Thomas Hahn

Chief Expert Software, Siemens

Hajnalka Hejja
Hajnalka Hejja

CEO, Smart Health, Super Izzy AI

BAS20 Speaker | Prof Dr Lorenz Hilty
Prof Dr Lorenz Hilty

Professor, Head of the Informatics and Sustainability Research Group, University of Zurich & Empa Materials Science and Technology

Dr Julia Hoxha BAS20
Dr Julia Hoxha

Co-Founder & CEO, Zana Technologies

Prof. Dr. Marco Huber
Prof Dr Marco Huber

Head of Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence , University of Stuttgart & Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA

BAS20 Speaker | Prof PhD Michael Huth
Prof PhD Michael Huth

Professor of Computer Science & CTO, Imperial College London & XAIN AG

Gunther Jahn BAS20
Gunther Jahn

Managing Director, DMS

Doug Johnson-Poensgen
Doug Johnson-Poensgen

CEO, Cirulor

Lubomila Jordanova
Lubomila Jordanova

CEO & Founder, Plan A

Varena Junge
Varena Junge

Founder & CEO, enyway

Katharina Jünger
Katharina Jünger

Founder & CEO , TeleClinic

Markus Kaulartz
Dr Markus Kaulartz

Lawyer, CMS HS

Ronja Kemmer BAS20
Ronja Kemmer

Member of Parliament, German Bundestag

BAS20 Speaker | Sana Khareghani
Sana Khareghani

Deputy Director, Head of Office for Artificial Intelligence, Office for AI

Andreas Klug

Chief Marketing Officer, ITyX Solutions | Speaker - Louise Koch
Louise Koch

Corporate Sustainability Director Europe, Middle East & Africa, Dell Technologies

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