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As the Super Early Bird Phase ends soon, ticket prices increase to € 899 in a few days. 

Save Up To 35% On Tickets Now!


The Business Festival returns to the Station Berlin on 10 & 11 April 2019 comprising two full days of festival program. Choose from three categories:

  • Transferable Pass can be transfered once to a colleague during the festival.
  • Get access to the whole festival for you exclusively with a Non-Transferable Pass.
  • Book a Second Day Pass to visit the festival in half the time, for half the price!

As Bitkom-Member you get a 20% discount with the promo-code bitkom-special 
Find a list of all Bitkom-Members here.

All tickets include our favorite foods and drinks throughout the festival.

Category Amount Pricing Total

Business Festival Pass | all-inclusive flexible

Super Early Bird | 2-Day Pass | transferable

Business Festival Pass | all-inclusive

Super Early Bird | 2-Day Pass | non-transferable

Second Day Pass

Super Early Bird | 11. April only | non-transferable